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ABOUT THE LONE STAR ART GUILD Ref: Information obtained from Lone Star Art Guild website"Our History"
The Lone Star Art Guild (LSAG) is a non-profit organization which was started in Brenham, Texas in April 1961. Only 5 years after founding Brenham Fine Arts League (BFAL), co-founders Jeanne H. Hawley, Madeleine Scwecke, & Golda Johnson along with several other BFAL members worked to unite several art leagues within a 150 mile radius of Houston. The purpose of the association was an annual convention featuring award-winning art under the leadership of an executive board made up of different leagues. Mrs. Dorothy Hargraves, the second LSAG President, is now remembered annually with the Best Floral Memorial Award named in her honor at each convention. Since our early days over 55 years ago, we have grown to include leagues within a 200 mile radius of Houston and celebrate traditional as well as contemporary mediums. Member leagues encourage artists of every level from elementary student to professional--unique in the art world.
Hundreds of volunteer hours go in to the operations of our guild as well as the many leagues that make up our guild. Below are past presidents from our very beginning, but many others have served in a variety of capacities on the board & in chair positions & have had a tremendous impact on the growth & productivity of our volunteer run organization and the many volunteer run leagues that are a part of it.
The mission of the guild is to advance the study and dissemination of fine art in all of its forms by promoting the appreciation of art and fine craftsmanship through workshops, lectures, demonstrations and exhibits. We strive to do this in a way that is encouraging to all artists regardless of age & level of experience.
Q:  Why do you have to go to Lone Star Art Guild to register your artwork?
Anwser:  The Lone Star Guild (LSAG ) is our guild for The Tomball Art League, they cover art leagues within approxiately a 200 mile raduis of Houston.
Best way to describe a guild or LSAG is ... A guild is defined as an association of persons of the same trade or pursuits, formed to protect mutual interests and maintain standards. I tell everyone they govern the rules, regulations, the standards we all adhere too. They set the boundaries .
Q:  If I want to enter shows, How do I become a member of LSAG?
Anwser:  You should be already registered with LSAG. When you become a member of Tomball Art League or another league within the list of leagues of LSAG, you are also become a member of The Lone Star Art Guild. Because TAL treasurer of TAL pays your membership dues ($1) per member each year. Otherwords you don't need to do anything. Unless you go to enter a show and do not see your name . Then you need to contact the lsag data base person for your league. Our lsag data person is Debi Kuntz.

Q: What does the guild have to do with the registration part? Why can't I just register with TAL?

Because you are a member of Tomball Art League & The Lone Star Art Guild. This gives you the artist the ability to go online and register with LSAG which gives you opportunity to enter ALL the current and upcoming art shows within any of the ART LEAGUES that are registered the Lone Star Art Guild. The database is and has always been with LSAG.


You are also encouraged to go to Once on the site, go to DATABASE HELP.

4 page instruction PDF, to help TAL register in a show or other lsag shows that are in the Lone Star Art - Guild .
Created by webmaster, primarily for the members of TAL.

LSAG online registration form Help... STEPS -HOW 2 REGISTER FOR LSAG SHOWS ONLINE