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How to sell your Artwork at a TAL Show

Artwork Selling Blank Form

Dear Members and Artist,

Please see the art seller form above. We ask that you print a copy out for each piece of artwork you are selling. fill out the top portion of this form. (One form for each piece of art.)

Please fill in the following;

    •Title of Artwork
    •Media used i.e. Watercolor, oils etc
    •Dimensions of Art ( Width X Height )
    •Your Name
    •Your Full Address
    •Your contact phone number
    •Your email address
If your artwork should sell . We will be getting the same information from the buyer .
If you are selling 3 pieces you only need to put your personal information on the first of the three copies (one time ) and the other copies please just your name.. and Do write in TITLE OF ARTWORK, THE MEDIA USED, AND THE DIMENSIONS. Otherwords no need to put your address, phone, & email if given on one copy .

PLEASE NOTE: Art Sellers, we do not require you to be a member of Tomball Art League. However if you are a member of TAL you are allowed up to three pieces for the sale portion of the show. Join the TAL when you bring your art for sale . Works too. It is 30.00 for indiviuals and 40.00 for couples.

If you are a non-member or do not belong to an art league in LSAG we allow you to summit only one piece of artwork to the TAL Sale portion of the show & sale. As our sales are primarily for our members, to profit from our shows and the sale is a side portion of the Tomball Art Show and Sale. The shows will always be our main focus of our Show and Sales.

Once the Artwork Buyer pays for your art we allow them to take the artwork home after they have paid for it.

Fund collected from the sale of your artwork must be given to the Treasurer and must go through the Tomball Art League Treasury. We take 15% of the sale price off the top after the sale of your artwork.

Dear Artist, once you sell a piece or pieces we collect the moneys run the purchase amount through our bank, we deduct the 15% and you will receive the balance minus the 15% in the form of a check in the mail from the Tomball Art League. Typically it takes us approximately about a week or two weeks after a show to process everything. If you should take payment yourself in example you have a piece that is in the show but for sale, you are responsible and in good faith summit to The Tomball Art League the 15%.

The 15% is not so that TAL makes a profit. It is collected and given as a donation to various sources depending on the total amount collected. First persons we donate too, is the Lonestar College – Community Library. As they host our art show for no profit. And they do this so that artist & the art community is enhanced by the Lonestar College and the Tomball Library bringing art to the community at large.

Respectfully, Denise Gilbert – TAL Treasurer


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